The Water Saver Rating enables car wash operators to be recognised for their environmentally responsible business practices. It is a national standard, approved by Smart Approved Water Mark, Australia's federal water efficiency label for products and services and by Clean Up Australia.

As the general public becomes more aware about caring for the environment and sustainable use of resources through their everyday activities, this program helps car wash operators educate consumers about the benefits of commercial car washing. The Car Wash Water Saver Rating provides an opportunity to demonstrate environmental leadership while attracting customers and lowering costs.

By joining the Water Saver Rating you will benefit by:

  • Gaining more security of continued operation - the water saver rating is accepted in a growing number of States and water authority areas as the industry standard of water use both for permanent water conservation measures and in times of drought. The program is designed to be flexible enough to protect your business under local water use regulations.

  • Using the star rating to promote environmental care market research tells us that many customers prefer to use car washes that they know are minimising water use and protecting the stormwater systems from pollution.

  • Enhanced website listing:

  • Attracting new customers - the eye catching signage will attract more car owners to your wash.

  • Spreading the Word
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Download Invitation to Join or contact the Water Rating Scheme Manager for further information.